What is The Dragon and Meeple?

Over the past several days I have been pitching potential investors on the idea that is The Dragon and Meeple. Entrepreneurship takes no small measure of hubris and I have been operating over the past 4 months under one premise, “If you build it they will come”.

Of course, if I don’t tell any of you, my prospective customers, what “IT” is, why should you care? The answer is you won’t. I hope to remedy that situation this week. I have built my concept around four pillars and over the next four nights I will detail each of those in a new post.

Monday – Play: If you only read one post, this is it. Everything we will do will be an extension of creating the best possible environment for play.

Tuesday – Product: I can’t compete with the online retailers out there on price, but I can compete on value. I know this will be a tough sell, but I think we are up to the challenge.

Wednesday – Pride: We should all have pride in our identity as gamers. We need to make sure to keep the Friendly right at the front of FLGS. This goes beyond the staff, and extends to cultivating a clientele that creates a fun welcoming environment for all.

Thursday – Prestige: This may seem like an odd word to use when talking about a gaming establishment. My vision for this venture has changed over the past several years but it has never wavered from belief that we, as gamers, can and should demand better.

Chris Buskirk
Owner – Manager
The Dragon and Meeple

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