The Dragon and Meeple – Part 1 – Play

Tonight I would like to discuss the first pillar in the foundation of The Dragon and Meeple, PLAY.

I had an adviser ask me why I chose play instead of fun. I told him that I can’t sell fun. I can only create an environment that maximizes the potential for play to be fun. Fun is such a subjective concept, that, if I tried to distill it and sell it, I would be just a likely to make things un-fun for many others.

What I can provide is an a place where YOU can create fun.

The first step is building this location from the ground up with gamers in mind.

This starts with lighting. Every table will be well lit with LED lights. Our goal will be maximum visibility without the glare of florescent lights. No one should have to strain their eyes to read a card, or see what color piece was just laid out on the board.

The next step in our build out is addressing sound. One problem, typical of gaming establishments, is the noise. If everyone is having fun, our goal, then things can get loud. If you are playing games in another type of venue you must often deal with other distractions such as music. Starting with the initial build out, and modified as we learn more, sound dampening will be placed throughout the main gaming room, to ensure your focus is on your table.

Finally we need to construct with our customer’s comfort in mind. The majority of our customers are more likely to be sitting down to play for 3 hours than they are for 30 minutes. We will ensure that every seat in the house is comfortable for gamers of all shapes and sizes, no matter how long you want to play. This extends to having clean and accessible facilities.

With a proper build out complete our next focus will be on removing barriers to fun.

Moving beyond just having a large library of games for loan, we will ensure that we carry the newest games and have staff on hand to teach them. You can also count on variety in the game library, not just those games we might think are fun.

Our guests will also find an extensive schedule of organized play for all sorts of tabletop games. Whether you arrive as a group or are going out solo, we will have something planned nearly every night for you to join in on.

The last barrier to fun I would like to address is other customers. We want everyone to have a good time, but that should never come at the expense of others. We will enforce a rigid, but common sense, code of conduct to ensure each of our customers feels welcome and free to enjoy their time at The Dragon and Meeple. We can and will fire staff or customers who create a hostile environment

I hope you will join me tomorrow as I discuss products and the value we hope to provide you.


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