The Dragon and Meeple – Part 2 – Price

Sorry this post is late, but here is the second pillar of The Dragon and Meeple: Price.

Please note that not all prices have been finalized, and may need to be adjusted before or after we open.

I would have had this up last night, but ironically I was working on financial statements most of the night. I’m trying to figure out exactly how many games and burgers I need to sell to keep the lights on, keep my employees happy, and pay myself enough to keep my apartment. I have one more group of people to keep happy, and that’s my investors. Each one of them is passionate about games and shares my vision, but they are sinking a lot of money into this place and deserve a return on that investment.

Since our first goal it to provide you a great space to play, we will need to provide lots of it. That space is very expensive. We will have a base cover charge of $5 to play games. That cover charge can however be discounted or waived. At the discretion of management your cover can be discounted based on your tab and how long you have played. If you buy lunch and play cards, we don’t want to charge you as much as we do a patron who has played for 8 hours.

Of course if you are a member, you will never pay a cover charge.  Memberships will be reserved for patrons who make retail purchases at The Dragon and Meeple. If you make a retail purchase of $50 or more you are entitled to a 1 month membership. Membership doesn’t just waive your cover charges. Members have priority in reserving tables, exclusive use of our private rooms, and priority on game pre-sales. Other membership perks are in the works and will be announced at our convention.

As I said Sunday, we can’t compete with the big online retailers on price, however I hope that the value we provide with memberships and play space will make us your first choice for hobby gaming purchases.

I can’t yet speak to the prices of our food and drinks. I am currently searching for a general manager and head chef. Once I have them in place I can give more details on our menu. I do plan on a menu with items for patrons in many price ranges.

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