The Dragon and Meeple – Part 4 – Prestige

The last pillar in the foundation of The Dragon and Meeple is Prestige. This week I was reviewing the business plan I developed attempting to create a country club for gamers . In the mission statement I wrote, “We will promote inclusiveness in a market segment that has traditionally relied on exclusivity.”.

While my vision has scaled back somewhat from these earlier concepts, my desire to elevate the gaming experience here in Los Angeles has not. I instead decided I wanted to bring that quality to as many gamers as I could. In my article on play I talked about addressing issues that detract from the experience at other venues. Now I want to talk about what will elevate The Dragon and Meeple to the next level.

We will look beyond vending machines and simple sandwiches. Our kitchen will provide a full lunch and dinner menu on weekdays, and a brunch menu on weekends. We will even have Second Brunch for all you halflings out there. To accompany this menu we will provide craft beer and wine pairings with a focus on local offerings.

All of us have looked on in horror as our wait staff carelessly dropped food off on top of our games. First off, our wait staff would never do that. Secondly they will never need to, because all food and drinks will be served on trays like you would find in a casino poker room. It’s a simple thing, developed from the core focus on accommodating the needs of gamers. Most of our menu will likewise be designed around keeping everyone’s hands clean. You will have to get your hot wing fix elsewhere.

Within a few months of the launch we will be introducing a mobile app which will allow greater interaction with the club and other members. Paired with the app will be a rewards system that doesn’t just give points for purchases, but for contributing to our community by teaching games and participating in organized play.

We hope to set a new standard for gaming in this city. You can and should demand better. Each time we make a choice we will ask if our methods enhance your play experience. We will welcome your feedback, and work to give you the premier gaming destination you deserve.

Chris Buskirk

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