What You Need To Know About Sewage Backups

Imagine a lovely quiet evening at home by the fire with dinner in the oven and children playing quietly in their rooms.  Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream is heard coming from the bathroom. What is the cause of this commotion?  A sewage backup! Now, what will the homeowners do?


First, the homeowners are going to run into the bathroom to get a good look at the backup.  Then they will check for blockages and, if possible, clear them, so the backup stops.  If they are unable to find the blockage or are unable to clear it, a plumber may be needed. After clearing the blockage, the plumber may make some recommendations on further action like pipe cleaning or a drain scope Beverly Hills MI


The damage caused by a sewage backup is not a pretty sight.  It may seem like an odd thing to document in pictures, but it could be important. A call to the insurance agent may reveal that homeowner’s insurance covers repairs. Since most people are not interested in waiting for an insurance adjuster to arrive before they clean-up, make sure to take some pictures.  Maybe a selfie or two?


Routine maintenance of sewer pipes can help avoid messy and potentially costly clean-up and repairs.  Several things can impact sewer pipes and the ability for waste to flow freely out of the home.  Shifting and settling soils, severe weather events, and tree roots can all cause breaks or breaches in the pipe.  Grease and debris can also build up in the pipe.  Consider speaking with a plumber to help develop a maintenance plan to keep the pipe in good shape and to identify potential problems early.

Dealing with a sewer backup is something people would like to avoid.  Regular maintenance of sewer pipes can help avoid backups.  If one occurs, remember to take pictures and check the insurance.

Author: Mabel Austin